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RGR the artist drew the layout of the Osaka Prison Camp for later records.

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The death march began at Cabcabaen Field in the Philippines, and then traveled to Dinalupthen, San Fernando, Caoas,and then to Camp O'Donnell.

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A map that shows the location of Yodogawa Prison Camp, and the other camps in close proximity.. Additional information on the Yodogawa camp.

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The 200th New Mexico Coast Artillery Regiment was activated and sent to the Philippines to interact with the Filipinos. General Douglas MacArthur felt that the Regiment because of its minority background would work well with the Filipino Troops.…

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Lt. Col Reardon returned to Albuquerque after the war and resumed his career as a principal. He was there for only a short time when he was called as a witness in the war crimes trials in Tokyo, Japan.

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Lt. Col. Reardon received a command to return to active duty to testify about the Yodogawa Prison Camp and the treatment the prisoners received from the Japanese guards.

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The graphs depict the age level at times of death.Additionally, it shows the cause of death for each of the deceased troops.

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The resource was a sample taken from Major William B. Reardon's journals he kept while a prisoner of Yodogawa Prison Camp.
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