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RGR the artist drew the layout of the Osaka Prison Camp for later records.

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The death march began at Cabcabaen Field in the Philippines, and then traveled to Dinalupthen, San Fernando, Caoas,and then to Camp O'Donnell.

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A map that shows the location of Yodogawa Prison Camp, and the other camps in close proximity.. Additional information on the Yodogawa camp.

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Lt. Col Reardon returned to Albuquerque after the war and resumed his career as a principal. He was there for only a short time when he was called as a witness in the war crimes trials in Tokyo, Japan.

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Lt. Col. Reardon received a command to return to active duty to testify about the Yodogawa Prison Camp and the treatment the prisoners received from the Japanese guards.

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The resource was a sample taken from Major William B. Reardon's journals he kept while a prisoner of Yodogawa Prison Camp.

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The graphs depict the age level at times of death.Additionally, it shows the cause of death for each of the deceased troops.
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